Mindfulness for Social Anxiety

What is mindfulness and how can it help with social anxiety?

Mindfulness is an active focus on the present moment. When you are in a state of mindfulness, you experience everything with all your senses, and without judgment, including self-judgment.

Learning to experience mindfulness is an acquired skill. Most of us normally experience the world with a lack of focus, a great deal of chatter and judgment going on in our heads, and quite often distraction with thoughts of the future or the past.

When you are mindful, you live fully in the moment and experience a feeling of awakening, calmness and peace.

We really only live in the present moment. Continually planning for the future or reliving the past actually robs us of our present moments and thus our lives.

Social anxiety is heightened when you worry about the future, anticipate rejection, and fear the possibility of embarrassment.

Social anxiety also worsens when you spend a great deal of time re-living social encounters, wondering "what you should have said", what others thought about what you did, or regretting something you said.

By learning mindfulness, you will have another tool at your disposal to help you remain calm and confident.

Mindfulness is increasingly being used in traditional counseling and therapy practices. It is an excellent way to integrate thinking, emotions, and physical sensations into the learning and change process.

There is usually is nothing wrong in the present moment. Our troubles are often expanded when we are consumed with worry about what might happen in the future and full of regrets about the past.

You may be surprised by how much mindfulness can help you feel more grounded, safe, confident and centered.

Wonderful news --- If you attend a social confidence ranch retreat for women you have the option of experiencing mindfulness through equine assisted learning methods.

You will learn to practice mindfulness and increase your sense of inner power through guided interaction with horses. You are probably aware that animals of many kinds have been found to be very effective in assisting with therapeutic interventions.

Horses are highly social animals with a unique ability to mirror our emotions and react to our body language in ways that can help us learn about ourselves and become aware of the ways in which we tend to interact with people. Horses can play a surprising role in our journey towards learning increased self esteem, increased confidence and forming authentic relationships.